Installation and Use of the Morrow Baybayin Fonts

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TrueType Font Installation for Windows 95

Before you can use your new baybayin fonts you must install them on your computer. Here is how to do it in Windows 95. The method is similar in later versions of Windows.





Click on the Start button. Go to Settings and then click on Control Panel.



Find the Fonts folder and double click it.



Go to the File menu and click on
Install New Font.





Find your fonts by using the Folders: and Drives: boxes at the bottom.

If you don't know where you unzipped them, try looking in the "temp" folder which is inside the "windows" folder. Or use the Find feature in the Tools menu of Windows Explorer.

In the List of fonts: box, click on the font that you want to install then click on OK.

If you want more than one font, hold the Ctrl key while you click on the fonts or just click on the Select All button.

TrueType Font Installation for Mac

The Mac versions of the fonts were converted from the Windows TTF files with the freeware utility, TTConverter and compressed with StuffIt. (Click here to download the Stuffit Expander if necessary.) When the .sit file is downloaded it will automatically re-expand and a folder will appear on your desktop bearing the name of the font. Inside this folder is a Rich Text file of the Baybayin Tutorial and the font suitcase.

  1. Simply drop the font suitcase into your Fonts folder, which is inside the System Folder.
  2. Done.


PostScript Type1 Font Installation

Installation will depend on the location of your Adobe Type Manager programme. Please refer to the instructions provided there. If you have any experience at all with PostScript fonts you probably already know more than I can teach you.

Instruction Sheet

There is an instruction sheet included with each font download. The sheet contains a description of the font, a chart showing each baybayin character with its related keystroke, another chart showing the Unicode designation of each character and a brief tutorial on baybayin spelling and punctuation. (Note: the Mac versions are not Unicode compliant yet.)